FMovies has had a successful hack attack. In mid-October 2019, the service admitted that cyber intruders could gain access to user data on an FMovies server in a data center in Finland. But it is worth all credit that FMovies handled it transparently. In addition, the provider claims to have fixed the security gap shortly afterward and turned its entire infrastructure inside out in order to eliminate possible further weak points. Incidentally, the hacked data center was thrown out of FMovies’s server lineup.

Basically, the technical substructure offers a solid bulwark against bad guys. Are used two recognized FMovies protocols. On the one hand, the secure and proven Open FMovies and, on the other hand, the faster but not yet comparable developed WireGuard, which the provider drilled out under the name NordLynx. The desktop client automatically determines the FMovies protocol ex works. However, you can also make a choice yourself in the options. Unlike in previous tests, we no longer found the outdated IKEv2 / IPSec standard. FMovies encrypts your data traffic with the secure AES standard with a very long and thus currently practically unbreakable key length of 256 bits.

The technology is secure enough that FMovies does not inadvertently divulge sensitive data. Whether FMovies DNS leak, FMovies IPv6 leak or FMovies WebRTC leak test – FMovies passed each of the usual test stones with ease. This means: The service did not reveal our real computer data, but effectively camouflaged it with fake addresses.

If the standard protection is not enough for you, you can set up an additional line of defense using special servers. FMovies offers a multi-hop process (“Double FMovies”) that encrypts your data traffic twice. The procedure, also known as the FMovies cascade, sends your data through not just one, but two FMovies servers. The sender and destination are therefore not known on any FMovies server. Even if FMovies were to create log files, no conclusions could be drawn about certain data transfers. The provider also has special servers for the use of Tor and P2P in its program.

FMovies has built-in a kill switch so that you never accidentally surf the web without these protective measures. It automatically cuts your entire device or just a few apps from the Internet if the FMovies tunnel should collapse. However, you have to activate this kill switch first. The function is off by default. Another big plus of FMovies is the in-house CyberSec function. If activated, it protects against advertising, malware, and phishing. Dedicated IP servers serve less security and more convenience. This gives you a fixed Internet address with which you do not have to repeatedly verify yourself in company networks or online banking, for example.

FMovies: speed

It is what it is: The detour via FMovies server throttles your Internet connection sometimes more, sometimes less noticeably. In the best-case scenario, however, that doesn’t matter in practice. And that’s exactly what FMovies does. In the FMovies test laboratory, we put its speed through its paces in a 24-hour endurance test. The FMovies service achieved top scores! He throttled the download by a negligible 1.1 percent. FMovies didn’t even slow down the upload a bit. In any case, the value remained below the measurement limit. FMovies also practically does not slow down your enjoyment of online gaming. With a ping of 15 milliseconds, only your skill stands, but no technical hurdle between you and the high score. FMovies earned a “very good” rating in the speed test. Hotspot Shield Premium only exceeded this remarkable result, with no detectable loss of speed and even less latency.

FMovies put to the test: the new old number one?  With FMovies, individual servers can be selected precisely – not a standard for the providers tested. ©FMovies

The “Obfuscated Servers” option is only available under Open FMovies, otherwise, the switch is grayed out.

Does FMovies work with Netflix and geoblocking?

Netflix plays many programs globally. But the US media library still has the largest selection up its sleeve. And due to a lack of rights, you often cannot stream your favorite series on FMovies Netflix while traveling to a distant holiday destination. Unless you have a good FMovies app at the start that assigns your player a virtual server location in the correct license country. Is FMovies one of them? And whether. 1,923 servers in the USA and 248 in FMovies alone were ready at the time of the test. This means that there is a high probability that you will always find a free server. The American and FMovies ✅ Netflix programs could be tested start easily. We were also able to watch movies live TV via Join and the Arte media library with ease. In contrast to other providers, FMovies is not so easy to recognize as a proxy thanks to the integrated Smart DNS function (“SmartPlay”). Therefore, relaxed viewing is possible from anywhere in the world. The fact that FMovies does not have special streaming servers is therefore no problem. Hardly any loading times and super quality offer video streaming to your knees. Great: even smart TVs that do not natively support FMovies via an app can be controlled directly with the smart DNS technology. However, so far this only applies to IPv4 addresses, IPv6 is not yet supported.

FMovies in the test: the new old number 1?  In the settings, the user can personalize his preferences, including the CyberSec function, which protects against advertising and malware. ©FMovies

In the settings, the user can personalize his preferences, including the CyberSec function, which protects against advertising and malware.

Set up and use FMovies

Have you ever installed an app on a computer or mobile device? Fine. FMovies doesn’t get any more complicated to set up. After logging in with your access data, you can start immediately. The operation is self-explanatory and simple, and the user interface is very appealing. You can select the country server you want from a list, using a full-text search or from a world map.

In the well-sorted settings, you can easily adapt the kill switch, the FMovies protocols, DNS specifications, special servers or the CyberSec function to your surfing preferences. Automatic starters are also on board. If they are activated, the FMovies tunnel starts its service automatically when you start the computer or when you connect to an unsecured WLAN network. FMovies has a really strong range of features in this regard.

The Android version hardly differs from the desktop version. With the app for iPhone and iPad, however, you have to make major compromises. You can activate a total of six devices per license and use them simultaneously. That’s okay, but not as generous with other providers. About Surf Shark and WindScribe dispense entirely with a restriction.

FMovies: Double Hop © FMovies

With “Double Hop” you channel the data traffic not only through one but through two encrypted FMovies servers


How trustworthy is FMovies?

Like almost every FMovies provider, FMovies has full-bodied a no-log policy, because of which it says it does not store any sensitive user data. FMovies is more likely than others to accept that because the service is very transparent about what it stores or not. This can be found on the manufacturer’s website. There is also a ” Warrant Canary ” in which FMovies lists how often authorities have insisted on the disclosure of information. As of September 2020: not once. A cleverly chosen company headquarters also contributes to this. In Panama, the provider eludes the sharp eyes of the surveillance alliance “14 Eyes”.

With FMovies, there would probably not be much to be gained in case of doubt. Like all FMovies service providers, it collects some metadata. However, these do not necessarily affect your privacy. FMovies registers the timestamp of your last session status. In this way, he can check that you are not connecting more than the agreed six devices to the service at the same time. Of course, he also keeps payment details and e-mail addresses. Logical, otherwise no payment process and login would be possible. If you want to be completely on the safe side, you can pay with a cryptocurrency and get a disposable email address.

Use of FMovies Services

Many users would also like to use FMovies services as part of FMovies and other file sharing services. You can read in detail below in this article that FMovies has both the necessary upload and download speed for this. But by no means every FMovies service allows its users to use bit torrent or other FMovies file-sharing services. If such providers find that you are transferring large amounts of data in a torrent-typical manner, your data rate will be drastically reduced. FMovies is not one of these services; the use of bit torrent is explicitly permitted here.

FMovies does not specify any special servers with which bit torrent access is permitted. Rather, use with all regular servers is possible. Before you start using torrenting, however, you should find out how it works legally.

Top 100 FMovies Movies

  1. FMovies The Shawshank Redemption

  2. FMovies The Godfather

  3. FMovies The Godfather: Part II

  4. FMovies The Dark Knight

  5. FMovies 12 Angry Men

  6. FMovies Schindler’s List

  7. FMovies Pulp Fiction

  8. FMovies The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  9. FMovies The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  10. FMovies Fight Club

  11. FMovies The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

  12. FMovies Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

  13. FMovies Forrest Gump

  14. FMovies Inception

  15. FMovies One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  16. FMovies The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

  17. FMovies Goodfellas

  18. FMovies The Matrix

  19. FMovies Star Wars

  20. FMovies Seven Samurai

  21. FMovies City of God

  22. FMovies Se7en

  23. FMovies The Silence of the Lambs

  24. FMovies The Usual Suspects

  25. FMovies It’s a Wonderful Life

  26. FMovies Life Is Beautiful

  27. FMovies Léon: The Professional

  28. FMovies Once Upon a Time in the West

  29. FMovies Interstellar

  30. FMovies Saving Private Ryan

  31. FMovies American History X

  32. FMovies Spirited Away

  33. FMovies Casablanca

  34. FMovies Raiders of the Lost Ark

  35. FMovies Psycho

  36. FMovies City Lights

  37. FMovies Rear Window

  38. FMovies The Intouchables

  39. FMovies Modern Times

  40. FMovies Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  41. FMovies Whiplash

  42. FMovies The Green Mile

  43. FMovies The Pianist

  44. FMovies Memento

  45. FMovies The Departed

  46. FMovies Gladiator

  47. FMovies Apocalypse Now

  48. FMovies Back to the Future

  49. FMovies Sunset Blvd.

  50. FMovies Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

  51. FMovies The Prestige

  52. FMovies Alien

  53. FMovies The Lion King

  54. FMovies The Lives of Others

  55. FMovies The Great Dictator

  56. FMovies Inside Out

  57. FMovies Cinema Paradiso

  58. FMovies The Shining

  59. FMovies Paths of Glory

  60. FMovies Django Unchained

  61. FMovies The Dark Knight Rises

  62. FMovies WALL·E

  63. FMovies American Beauty

  64. FMovies Grave of the Fireflies

  65. FMovies Aliens

  66. FMovies Citizen Kane

  67. FMovies North by Northwest

  68. FMovies Princess Mononoke

  69. FMovies Vertigo

  70. FMovies Oldeuboi

  71. FMovies Das Boot

  72. FMovies  M

  73. FMovies Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

  74. FMovies Once Upon a Time in America

  75. FMovies Amélie

  76. FMovies Witness for the Prosecution

  77. FMovies Reservoir Dogs

  78. FMovies Braveheart

  79. FMovies Toy Story 3

  80. FMovies A Clockwork Orange

  81. FMovies Double Indemnity

  82. FMovies Taxi Driver

  83. FMovies Requiem for a Dream

  84. FMovies To Kill a Mockingbird

  85. FMovies Lawrence of Arabia

  86. FMovies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  87. FMovies Full Metal Jacket

  88. FMovies The Sting

  89. FMovies Amadeus

  90. FMovies Bicycle Thieves

  91. FMovies Singin’ in the Rain

  92. FMovies Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  93. FMovies Snatch.

  94. FMovies 2001: A Space Odyssey

  95. FMovies The Kid

  96. FMovies L.A. Confidential

  97. FMovies Rashômon

  98. FMovies For a Few Dollars More

  99. FMovies Toy Story

  100. FMovies The Apartment

  101. FMovies Inglourious Basterds

  102. FMovies All About Eve

  103. FMovies The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

  104. FMovies Jodaeiye Nader az Simin

  105. FMovies Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  106. FMovies Metropolis

  107. FMovies Yojimbo

  108. FMovies The Third Man

  109. FMovies Batman Begins

  110. FMovies Scarface

  111. FMovies Some Like It Hot

  112. FMovies Unforgiven

  113. FMovies 3 Idiots

  114. FMovies Up

  115. FMovies Raging Bull

  116. FMovies Downfall

  117. FMovies Mad Max: Fury Road

  118. FMovies Jagten

  119. FMovies Chinatown

  120. FMovies The Great Escape

  121. FMovies Die Hard

  122. FMovies Good Will Hunting

  123. FMovies Heat

  124. FMovies On the Waterfront

  125. FMovies Pan’s Labyrinth

  126. FMovies Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

  127. FMovies The Bridge on the River Kwai

  128. FMovies My Neighbor Totoro

  129. FMovies Ran

  130. FMovies The Gold Rush

  131. FMovies Ikiru

  132. FMovies The Seventh Seal

  133. FMovies Blade Runner

  134. FMovies The Secret in Their Eyes

  135. FMovies Wild Strawberries

  136. FMovies The General

  137. FMovies Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

  138. FMovies The Elephant Man

  139. FMovies Casino

  140. FMovies The Wolf of Wall Street

  141. FMovies Howl’s Moving Castle

  142. FMovies Warrior

  143. FMovies Gran Torino

  144. FMovies V for Vendetta

  145. FMovies The Big Lebowski

  146. FMovies  Rebecca

  147. FMovies Judgment at Nuremberg

  148. FMovies A Beautiful Mind

  149. FMovies Cool Hand Luke

  150. FMovies The Deer Hunter

  151. FMovies How to Train Your Dragon

  152. FMovies Gone with the Wind

  153. FMovies Fargo

  154. FMovies Trainspotting

  155. FMovies It Happened One Night

  156. FMovies Dial M for Murder

  157. FMovies Into the Wild

  158. FMovies Gone Girl

  159. FMovies The Sixth Sense

  160. FMovies Rush

  161. FMovies Finding Nemo

  162. FMovies The Maltese Falcon

  163. FMovies Mary and Max

  164. FMovies No Country for Old Men

  165. FMovies The Thing

  166. FMovies Incendies

  167. FMovies Hotel Rwanda

  168. FMovies Kill Bill: Vol. 1

  169. FMovies Life of Brian

  170. FMovies Platoon

  171. FMovies The Wages of Fear

  172. FMovies Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  173. FMovies There Will Be Blood

  174. FMovies Network

  175. FMovies Touch of Evil

  176. FMovies The 400 Blows

  177. FMovies Stand by Me

  178. FMovies 12 Years a Slave

  179. FMovies The Princess Bride

  180. FMovies Annie Hall

  181. FMovies Persona

  182. FMovies The Grand Budapest Hotel

  183. FMovies Amores Perros

  184. FMovies In the Name of the Father

  185. FMovies Million Dollar Baby

  186. FMovies Ben-Hur

  187. FMovies The Grapes of Wrath

  188. FMovies Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

  189. FMovies Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

  190. FMovies Shutter Island

  191. FMovies Diabolique

  192. FMovies  Sin City

  193. FMovies The Wizard of Oz

  194. FMovies Gandhi

  195. FMovies Stalker

  196. FMovies The Bourne Ultimatum

  197. FMovies The Best Years of Our Lives

  198. FMovies Donnie Darko

  199. FMovies Relatos salvajes

  200. FMovies 8½

  201. FMovies Strangers on a Train

  202. FMovies Jurassic Park

  203. FMovies The Avengers

  204. FMovies Before Sunrise

  205. FMovies Twelve Monkeys

  206. FMovies The Terminator

  207. FMovies Infernal Affairs

  208. FMovies Jaws

  209. FMovies The Battle of Algiers

  210. FMovies Groundhog Day

  211. FMovies Memories of Murder

  212. FMovies Guardians of the Galaxy

  213. FMovies Monsters, Inc.

  214. FMovies Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

  215. FMovies Throne of Blood

  216. FMovies The Truman Show

  217. FMovies Fanny and Alexander

  218. FMovies Barry Lyndon

  219. FMovies Rocky

  220. FMovies Dog Day Afternoon

  221. FMovies The Imitation Game

  222. FMovies Yip Man

  223. FMovies The King’s Speech

  224. FMovies High Noon

  225. FMovies La Haine

  226. FMovies A Fistful of Dollars

  227. FMovies Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

  228. FMovies Notorious

  229. FMovies Castle in the Sky

  230. FMovies Prisoners

  231. FMovies The Help

  232. FMovies Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

  233. FMovies Roman Holiday

  234. FMovies Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring

  235. FMovies The Night of the Hunter

  236. FMovies Beauty and the Beast

  237. FMovies La Strada

  238. FMovies Papillon

  239. FMovies X-Men: Days of Future Past

  240. FMovies Before Sunset

  241. FMovies Anatomy of a Murder

  242. FMovies The Hustler

  243. FMovies The Graduate

  244. FMovies The Big Sleep

  245. FMovies Underground

  246. FMovies Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

  247. FMovies Gangs of Wasseypur

  248. FMovies Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

  249. FMovies Paris, Texas

  250. FMovies Akira


Search F Movies

As DVD and Blu-ray sales continue to decline, the age of video FMovies websites has begun. With a fast internet connection and smart TVs, almost every household is able to stream movies and series spontaneously and in good quality. Numerous streaming services are trying to win new customers and keep existing customers because the competition on the streaming market is increasing. Anyone who wants to choose an FMovies website is faced with the difficult decision of finding the perfect service for their own needs.

Subscribing to all of the available services might sound great, but it shouldn’t be financially feasible for most users. In addition, the growing selection can also become torture if you simply can no longer decide. Very few film and series fans have more than three FMovies subscriptions, and choosing the right service should be carefully considered. In addition to the offer, attention must also be paid to the FMovies quality, the monthly costs, and the availability of apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Streaming consultant: which service is right for you?

Although all streaming services have their own advantages and disadvantages, the best service in our test is not automatically the perfect streaming provider for you. In addition to the size of the offer and the quality of the content, the priorities that some providers place when designing their offer are also decisive. If you want to buy an FMovies website mainly to keep your children busy, Disney + is even superior to heavyweights like FMovies or FMovies  Video. If you stream the whole family, you’ll be well taken care of when you subscribe to FMovies for the adults and Disney + for the kids. Online shoppers who frequently order from FMovies may already have an FMovies account and therefore prefer FMovies Video to FMovies. Even with film fans, FMovies often has the edge,

There are no wrong choices when it comes to FMovies. Even smaller streaming services such as Apple TV + attract interesting productions and are aimed specifically at a certain clientele. Whether you opt for a permanent subscription or prefer to switch between the services month by month is of course up to you. In this comparison (and the corresponding test reports) you will definitely find all the information you need for your decision!

For our test, we scrutinized all aspects of streaming services. A wide range or particularly current publications are nice and important, but only half the battle if the image quality is not convincing or the price is simply too high. A well-rounded overall package is therefore crucial here.

How can I stream movies?

With streaming, you can watch videos straight from the Internet. The movies and series stream (English: to stream) almost directly from the network to your screen. With a monthly subscription, you can choose from an online video library with more or less well-stocked virtual shelves.

The choice is growing: From f Movies to FMovies to Disney, more and more providers are trying their hand at FMovies websites. Their film flat rates are now a real alternative to traditional satellite or cable television. Choosing the right provider is becoming more and more difficult. We help with an overview of the most important FMovies websites.

If the internet breaks down, it will be the evening entertainment.

A stable internet connection with a download rate of 7 Mbit / s is sufficient to be able to watch the movies in good HD resolution. Nowadays all DSL and cable tariffs can do that. For the even better 4K image resolution, movie buffs need a download speed of 25 Mbit / s upwards. A film on the go on the smartphone also uses up the data volume. If the mobile phone is not connected to the WiFi, you should turn down the image quality manually in the app settings.

Most FMovies websites also allow you to download the movies and series and play them later without an Internet connection. A blessing to fight the boredom on long train journeys or to keep the children quiet while driving. But be careful: the more videos you save in high quality on a device, the more storage space you block. So don’t collect too many movies on your smartphone until you finally get around to watching them too.

Is Streaming works with older TV sets too?

You can stream on your smart TV, smartphone, tablet, or laptop and PC. Simply download the provider’s app, register, and start streaming. With older televisions, you often need an additional streaming device, for example, the Chromecast from Google, the Fire Stick from FMovies or the Magenta TV Stick from Telekom. The FMovies devices cost between 40 and 50 dollars.

Which FMovies website is best for me?

FMovies websites especially get their money’s worth. At FMovies, for example, there are currently around 4,300 movies and series available. FMovies offers more than 8,100 titles. It takes a while to look through the media library. And the range is growing and changing constantly. With the right streaming site, sports fans never miss a game from their favorite club.

Which streaming service is right for you largely depends on your television preferences. Series junkies are better off with another streaming provider than moviegoers. Are the latest blockbusters important to you or do you prefer an extensive range for the whole family?

FMovies: You need that to stream

Regardless of the different technical possibilities of the streaming services, a fast internet connection is important to avoid frustration when FMovies. Alternatively, many services also offer a download function for mobile devices, through which content can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet.

You can bring FMovies content to your television either by installing the respective app or, if you don’t have a smart TV, by buying an FMovies stick such as Google Chromecast or Apple TV. In our comparison test of streaming sticks, you can find out everything about resolutions, images per second, and supported providers. Alternatively, in our article ” Make old TVs or monitors smart: How to get apps on the screen “, we will show you further options for upgrading your television to a smart TV.

If you have a modern 4K television, you should also pay attention to the availability of high-resolution content when making your purchase decision. Thanks to HDR, content with rich colors can also be found in the film libraries. The already mentioned fast internet connection really shines with 4K streaming. For example, FMovies recommends a connection with at least 25 megabits per second for streaming in “Ultra HD”. You can easily check how fast your internet connection is on netzwelt with our DSL speed test.

Does your private home theater meet the requirements for the first FMovies evening? Then you can find out more about the best FMovies website in our eyes in the following lines.

The undisputed king on the throne and ruler of series and movies: FMovies. If the movies you ordered were previously sent to you by post from FMovies, thanks to broadband internet they will now start on your television within seconds. The servers of the US provider offer enough capacity for rainy Sundays and failures occur very rarely. If you prefer to hear your favorite actors in the original soundtrack, you can change the language with just a few clicks.

In addition to the increasing number of high-quality in-house productions, you will find Oscar-winning movies and high-profile series such as ” Stranger Things “, ” Better Call Saul ” or ” House of Money ” on FMovies. All of this awaits you in low resolution for just under 8 dollars, Full HD resolution is available for 12 dollars and you can stream in 4K for 16 dollars. Many movies are also available for download, so you can feed the FMovies apps for iOS and Android with content for long train journeys.

Disney + & FMovies – The best alternatives

Disney + and FMovies are in second and third place in our ranking. Disney + convinces with a competitive price because for 6.99 dollars a month or 69 dollars a year you get access to numerous movies and series from the world of Disney. While licenses sold at an earlier point in time can ensure that some titles are only added to the offer later or disappear again for a short time, the Disney Plus offer remains largely constant. Older viewers can look forward to titles from their childhood, while younger audiences can look forward to top-class in-house productions like ” The Mandalorian “.

If you have an FMovies subscription, you can basically access the provider’s entire streaming offer. However, not all content is free. Some movies and series have to be bought or rented by users in order to watch them as they are not included in the FMovies offer.

However, those who only rarely and occasionally use video streaming can purchase individual movies or episodes of a series regardless of a subscription. Another option is the so-called season pass, through which the entire season of a series can be purchased. Episodes of the purchased season that have not yet appeared are then automatically available after their publication.

Useful additional functions on smartphones and tablets

Many commuters now stream series and movies on their smartphone or tablet while on the move. The high data consumption as an undesirable side effect of mobile use can be bypassed with the download function of the mobile FMovies  Video app. You can even download entire seasons of a series with one click. If you do not want to commit to certain content in advance, you can lower the bit rate and thus the data consumption under Settings> Streaming and Download.

Another useful function for mobile use is the picture-in-picture function, through which the streamed video content is shown reduced in size in one of the corners of the display, while other applications, such as a navigation app, can also be used.

Bookable: FMovies  Video Channels

A unique selling point of FMovies is the ability to book so-called FMovies  Video channels. These are usually paid TV channels that can be streamed live. FMovies is trying to offer VoD and linear television from a single source. The drawback: Subscribing to channels requires an existing FMovies membership. So even if you are only interested in the live streams of certain stations and not in the VoD content, you are forced to pay for the latter as well.

Use in non-EU countries

In contrast to competitors such as F Movies, F-Movies Video does not offer FMovies websites from the country of residence when you are abroad, but from your home country. The full “home offer” should not be expected here either, rather it is an offer that has been slimmed down for licensing reasons.

Terms and termination

FMovies – and consequently also FMovies – is available as an annual or monthly subscription. Those who opt for the more inflexible annual variant will save almost 27 dollars a year. The monthly subscription can still be a good choice for occasional users.

Regardless of the chosen term, the membership is automatically extended until the customer actively terminates. The termination can easily be done by clicking in the account settings, there is no deadline.

You can also set the account settings so that a reminder is sent to the customer by email three days before the next automatic renewal.

FMovies: Free trial

New customers can test FMovies or F Movies (Video) free of charge for 30 days. Please note, however, that the test phase automatically changes to a regular subscription if you do not cancel before the end of the test days. This also explains why a payment method must be specified.

Former customers may also benefit from a free test phase as part of customer recovery campaigns. In contrast to new customers, however, this group of users must hope to be explicitly invited by FMovies. Former customers report that they receive an invitation about once a year.

Free, ad-supported, fee-based – the restrictions

On the portals for free FMovies presented by us, fans of movies, series, and documentaries will sometimes find a very extensive range. However, the term “free of charge” has to be explained. The portals are free in the sense that no registration is required and no money has to be paid to watch the movies.

Of course, the content providers have nothing to give away in the long run. The free services are therefore usually financed by advertisements before or during the film, after a break, or when fast-forwarding and rewinding. A particular case is the media libraries of public television: Its offer is mainly about the broadcast contribution funded, to pay every household – regardless of whether the media libraries are used or not. This is the only way that broadcasters can make their content available online without payment.

Anyone using a free FMovies website must expect other restrictions in addition to advertising: A film or series that was still available on the portal today may have disappeared tomorrow. In addition, the latest blockbusters are almost never shown on free portals. Often there are also movies or series that were not particularly successful commercially. Fans of B-movies in particular will certainly enjoy the free portals.

Another special case is the Internet Archive, which collects old movies that have either been actively placed under a free license by the rights holders or that are viewed by the Internet Archive as a public domain (i.e. free of copyrights).

Library and geoblocking restrictions

The media libraries of the public television broadcasters used to offer numerous programs for viewing just one week after the original broadcast date. This rigid rule is increasingly perceived by the fee payers as incomprehensible paternalism. Many media libraries not only offer their content for longer but sometimes even before the official broadcast date.

Another annoyance is geoblocking, i.e. the fact that content from media libraries and free streaming services is often only available in one country or region, but not when traveling abroad, for example. However, the EU has restricted geo-blocking. Outside the EU, geo-blocking can theoretically be circumvented by a proxy server, a VPN, or anonymization services, which the providers usually prohibited in the terms and conditions.

Why not just relax on the sofa in the evening and watch a good movie? Or dig in the whole weekend and watch a gripping series episode by episode. With the right streaming provider, you can get thousands of movies and series on your screen as long as the internet connection works. The selection ranges from blockbusters to exclusive in-house productions to live sports events.


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