According to a hot report from Bloomberg, the Chief of chips of the tech giant has internally revealed that Apple is in its early stage of developing a cellular modem chip. Apple is currently relying on Qualcomm’s X55 2nd gen 5G modems in its iPhone 12 series for now. But seems like Apple is planning to move away from this reliance on Qualcomm as soon as possible.

This year, we kicked off the development of our first internal cellular modem which will enable another key strategic transition,” – Apple hardware SVP, Johny Srouji.

Apple is slowly and steadily moving towards making everything in-house. Recently Apple moved from Intel’s processors to its own made ARM-based SoCs in the Macbooks. Now Apple newly launched Apple Macbook Airs and Pros are coming with the Apple M1 chips inside them.

And the same vision of getting self-dependent is being pursued in the cellular chips. This can hopefully lead to 5G capable iPhones and iPads with Apple’s own 5G modem inside it.

Apple acquired Intel’s modem business back in 2019 and initially planned to give a head-on collision to Qualcomm’s 5G sector. But later on, the final decision resulted in going with Qualcomm for a few years as it completes the design of its own modems.

As of now there no known time frame for when we will get to see Apple products with its own cellular modem, but we scan expect further info as the development goes on.


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