One of the most highly anticipated games, FAU-G is finally going to make its debut in India. After almost four months from the announcement nCORE Games is finally ready to launch the game. The release of the game has been highly anticipated which can clearly be guessed by the fact that its pre-registration crossed the 1 million count in just 24 hours.

The Pre-registrations went live on Play Store back in late November and we were expecting that the game could be launched anytime soon in December. But this didn’t happen and December passed away without any update from nCORE Games. But the company has finally revealed the exact launch date for the FAU-G game.

FAU-G India Launch Date

Today, nCORE Games has posted a tweet on its Twitter handle sharing the launch date of ts FAU-G game. As per the tweet, the FAU-G game is set to launch on the 26th of January i.e. on Republic Day. It is definitely an auspicious day for the whole of India and launching this game on this day does make sense. FAU-G stands for Fearless And United: Guards and is an Indian game with Indian soldiers as characters in it. The game carries clear vibes of patriotism and 26 Jan 2021 is when the game is coming to India.

The game developers have already revealed that FAU-G is a third-person brawler game where you will also get a level on the Galwan Valley. The today-posted trailer of the game is suggested that this level will have guns which are the opposite of previous reports claiming that this level will not have any guns. The game will not have any Battle Royale game mode at the launch, though the game developers are planning to provide the mode via game update in the coming future.

The launch of the game is not so far away and let’s see how the game performs after its launch. I am personally pretty excited about the game and how about you. Let me know in the comments below.


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